About this blog…

Firstly and foremost, Through The Glass is my blog. A lot of what is written here will be observations made through the glass of the front windscreen of an old, lumbering, slightly shabby road ship of dreams. Namely, our beloved CREE motor-home.

As well as this, THROUGH THE GLASS carries a deeper meaning.

Everyone looks at life through glass of some sort. To explain, these are our filters: our experiences, our opinions of what we are looking at, our upbringing and culture, our past and present  – even our current mood which changes with the wind. NOT just me is it??   THROUGH THE GLASS will give me the chance to write – prose, poetry, thoughts, rants and general squit.  It will allow me to explore my own filters…and challenge them.  It will show me how to clean the glass that I look through and see what is really out there…and the possibilities that await.

The CREE will feature heavily in this blog. It is when travelling in that cumbersome beast that I lose the sense of heaviness which comes with living in this  busy-busy rat race. I lose the sense of anxiety that the passage of time brings. I lose my sense of self – the ego sleeps a little more soundly.  Moreover, I lose the cage I created for myself and step outside its confines into a world where anything is possible – a world where I am not frightened to try.

Trudi looking out to sea

Finally, I may even explain the word SQUIT for anyone who is not from Suffolk!

Love –  TRUDI

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