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All I ever wanted to do when I grew up was live in a hedge.


Seriously, all I ever wanted was to live in a hedge. It seemed so simple to a seven year old – thick hedges are warm and dry and comfortable. I dreamed of living in nature, watching the seasons change,  finding my own food and sharing with the squirrels. The practicalities of life would sort themselves out, the way they do when one is so young – or when one lives their dreams.

Every day would have rainbows and sunshine.

Every day would be different – a good kind of different. Watching the birds, insects and  animals, seeing the weather change from calm serenity to tempestuous storm, looking through my leafy ceiling at the stars – seeing the pinpricks of light gradually appearing at night and dimming with the rise of the sun. Making stories from clouds – watching the characters evolve as they roll across the sky, in and out of my life. Never needing a clock…imagine!  

Now that I have grown up I have revised my dreams – the sunshine and rainbows are misted over with the drab grey of reality. You know the colour; that life-sucking, heart wrenching, miserable grey which reminds one of bills to pay and social acceptabilities. Sometimes when I look at the sky, I just see clouds. Grey clouds.

 I still want to live the dream – in a hedge.  But now I want wifi.

But why? WHY FI ? I love that I can find out what I want to know within seconds. I love being able to explore the world whilst sitting with a mug of hot chocolate. I also love that I can write and publish this easily.

BUT BUT BUT…COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY…TECHNO-JARGON…I do not love the teeth grinding, angry, frustrated feeling I get when I just don’t understand what the hell the screen is trying to tell me – I am writing a blog, not running the country – that is IaWaB NRtC !  I swear that the initialisations are done just to confuse us ordinary folks! SEO, HTML, https, WTF??? 

Tech-speak and jargon should be classed as hate speech – punishable by flogging.

Slow computers, areas without signal, running out of data, incomprehensible initialisations, … I want to be able to shrug off such minor issues and get back to being seven again. I want to extinguish the need for the instant gratification of immediate knowledge. I want to get out and smell the roses. I want to get back in touch with the wonder and joy of being seven and take it forward with me.  I want to get out of the trance, dodge the rat race –  I don’t want to be brainwashed any more. I want to wake up and watch the world turning.  I want to live in a hedge.

With a fairly fast broadband connection – just for when I need it, you know?

If any of this squit resonates with you and you want to be seven again…or at least calm amidst the rat race, see how to de-stress and chill…Zen breathing.


Author: TRUDIvivian

I am just me. Ordinary. Living within a self-constructed cage and running with the rats. Except I can see that there is more to life than that ... and I am on my way towards the stars one step at a time.

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