How to make the most of a Pilgrimage

What is a Pilgrimage? It is more than a long walk to an old place! Let’s find out why…

We climbed to the summit of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons Wales
Pen y Fan is a long slog but worth every lost toenail!

What is a pilgrimage?

To go on a pilgrimage is to travel to a shrine or sacred site, usually completing the final miles on foot. It is to pass along a path to a place of devotional, spiritual significance.

But is that all there is to it? Is the destination the only goal? Is the only motivation simply to arrive?

What about the actual journey?

The pilgrimage IS the journey. It speaks to the pilgrim of who he is, shows him his inner most self. The journey gives the pilgrim the chance to intimately consider his path thus far and to consider and reconsider his next steps. It gives him the space and peace to seek the spiritual nature of life and to commune with it, seeking a deeper understanding of the divine. It allows him to see and accept what is of the soul and what is not – what he can leave along the way.

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