Mountain high

Mountains are unintentionally  inspirational

Having spent time sitting contemplating the sheer magnificence of mountains, I was left wondering what it is about them that draws mankind towards them in worship.  

Why do we feel the need to draw and paint them, to write poetry and songs proclaiming their beauty and awe-filled majesty. Why do we struggle up the ascents simply to slide down again? 

Unintentionally Inspirational

These geological accidents, caused by chaos and upheaval, inspire more than misty-eyed art; they evoke deep thoughts of inner and outer strength, of perseverance and permanence, of life – and death. They call to us and we come, spellbound, to their feet – often with the greedy intention of conquering the stoney slopes to sit at the crown, just beneath the sky. 

As if any man could ever conquer such a creation! We stand atop, having dragged our puny, time-limited bodies towards the stars across terrain we were not meant to step upon, and call to the world that we are conquerors. 

He has climbed above others and rules the world he shouts. But does the mighty hill bow down to its master?

Does it submit, subjugated to our command? It does not. It never will.   

Mountains as guides

Mountains are the guide to many meditations in our quest for peace and enlightenment. We raise our vibrations to the heights. We slow our thoughts to resonate with the solid, cold rocks. And we diminish the ego in the face of these massive natural creations. And we feel every heavy step of the climb to the heavens. We see the peaks reach up towards the heat of the sun with worn fingers and allow our insignificant concerns to billow away on the clouds. Clouds which cover and reveal the summits according to the whims of the breeze. We wonder at what the mountain has witnessed. 

Must the master meditator ascend the mountain to absorb its deep wisdom?  

Ask the mountain…it will consider for many lifetimes and reply still with silence: it cares not! And that answer teaches us what we desire to learn. The mountain has long since been there. It does not have to struggle and strive.

The world revolves, the planets turn, a grain of sand slips minutely…the mountain sees each and minds none.  It has achieved what we seek; it is our master! The mountain just is. 

There is no more to life than to just be.

Blessings – TRUDI

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I am just me. Ordinary. Living within a self-constructed cage and running with the rats. Except I can see that there is more to life than that ... and I am on my way towards the stars one step at a time.

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